Baby Back Truck Racks

Baby Back

The Baby Back is the perfect choice for users who prefer short bed rails, with the added benefits of a headache loop, and the ability to run Back Bone’s signature Skull Screen Cab protector as well. The bed rails measure 24” in length, provides added tie-down capabilities and can accommodate most stock tool boxes. In the headache loop only configuration (as shown here), the headache“loop” provides added hauling potential and beefs up cab protection when hauling. With the addition of a Skull Screen, the rear of the cab, as well as the cab window are protected in style.

Custom Options

Backbone offers multiple finishes including Vibra- polish, Gun Metal, and our new Super Silver. Finishes can be contrasted against colored portions within the rack, for a unique and truly custom look.

All base model Backbones come standard with a coat durable black powder. Color upgrades include Rogue Red and Lime Green, and with Backbone's modular design, mixing it up is easy. Call for a quote for specialized colors, or multiple stage powders.

Custom Lighting
Our standard lighting option comes with our own BB logo lens, But can be customized for those wanting to personalize their rigs. Call us with your design and we'll give you a quote.