skull screen

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Skull Screen

Back Bone’s signature piece, the Skull Screen, is what happens when style and utility meet on the street. Each unit is essentially a one-off to the specs of your rig, machined from solid quarter inch plate aluminum. With it’s staggered hole pattern pulling from race inspired roots, and it’s deeply milled chamfers, the Skull Screen is pure, simple and unapologetic. It embodies the very spirit of Back Bone, as well as customers like you who refuse to compromise. Did we mention it also protects your cab and cab window? A Skull Screen can be added at any point to any Back Bone rack configuration that has a headache loop. It is available in solid color options, as well as milled and or color/mill combinations. And for those who want to take their Skull Screen to the next level of customization, custom badges can be added as well.



Backbone offers multiple finishes including Vibra- polish, Gun Metal, and our new Super Silver. Finishes can be contrasted against colored portions within the rack, for a unique and truly custom look.

All base model Backbones come standard with a coat durable black powder. Color upgrades include Rogue Red and Lime Green, and with Backbone's modular design, mixing it up is easy. Call for a quote for specialized colors, or multiple stage powders.

Custom Lighting
Our standard lighting option comes with our own BB logo lens, But can be customized for those wanting to personalize their rigs. Call us with your design and we'll give you a quote.