Stud bar lumber carrying

Stud Bars

Stud Bars are Back Bone’s answer to securing an “over-cab” load. Over-built in traditional Back Bone style, these are milled from a solid aluminum bar. They are then drilled and chamfered utilizing yet another of Back Bone’s proprietary designs. Aptly named the “quadra-hole” design, it utilizes three tie-down access holes each opposite one another, and a fourth on the top. This allows for multiple tie downs to be attached simultaneously to each stud bar, and aligned for maximum tension. The Stud Bars are tig welded in place. Available for Baby Back, Full Back and V Back configurations.


Backbone offers multiple finishes including Vibra- polish, Gun Metal, and our new Super Silver. Finishes can be contrasted against colored portions within the rack, for a unique and truly custom look.

All base model Backbones come standard with a coat durable black powder. Color upgrades include Rogue Red and Lime Green, and with Backbone's modular design, mixing it up is easy. Call for a quote for specialized colors, or multiple stage powders.

Custom Lighting
Our standard lighting option comes with our own BB logo lens, But can be customized for those wanting to personalize their rigs. Call us with your design and we'll give you a quote.