Our Story ...

Not long ago a little manufacturing company set out on a journey to make something really cool out of aluminum ....

Our small staff of misfits ranging from artists to gear heads began designing with a single directive from the boss- don't compromise.

With spirits high and a "no holds barred" approach, we went to work. Drawing on the human skeleton for inspiration, our first designs looked more like spiny sculptures than truck racks. And when the engineers took a look, we all got a prompt education on why the gap between art and reality exists.

With egos slightly deflated, we returned to the drawing board to refine our vision. We stripped the rack down to its essence, deciding that the strong bone like shapes should speak for themselves. As the forms began to take shape, it seemed as if the rack itself began approving or rejecting each change we made. Organic curves were discarded for slicing angles, and soft edges calcified into crisp clean lines. Eventually, as we learned to keep our egos in check and let the rack "tell" us what it needed, function, form and finish found their natural balance.

The process taught us all a thing or two about humility and teamwork. It also taught us that at times it helps to check if the door is unlocked before you kick it down. It's no surprise that the road less traveled isn't paved, and if you plan to do something different, you better not be afraid to kick it into four-wheel drive.

We are proud of what we have accomplished, our willingness to blaze new trails, and our commitment to bring you more quality products in the future. Thanks for your interest, and happy trails.

E-mail: info@getbackbone.com