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Back Bone’s “Full Back” configuration takes full advantage of your rig’s hauling potential, while adding both protection and style. With bed rails that run the entire length of the bed (as well as across the bed near the cab) the Full Back transforms an average truck bed into a hard core hauling box. Our integrated t-slot system allows our sliding “ Knuckle” tie-downs to be moved virtually anywhere on the rack, including the headache loop. Our rails protect the truck bed, while the optional Skull Screen protects the cab and rear window from sliding debris. The Full Back comes standard in black powder with Backbone’s own BB logo.

Rack Heights

  • Standard Height: Our most popular version which sits slightly above the cab to allow for hauling rigid loads over the cab without contacting the cab while still maintaining visual appeal. The third brake light remains unobstructed.
  • Low Profile: Sleek, Flush with the cab look.
  • High Boy: Extra tall rack with extra cab clearance for hauling that requires maximum clearance.

Skull Screens

  • Available in Low Profile, Standard, and High Profile packages
  • Adding the Cutout option allows for pass through from a rear sliding window
  • Low Profile Skull Screens require mounting an after-market 3rd brake light as they cover the existing 3rd light


    Four Knuckles are included in each kit. Usable throughout all Back Bone rack configurations including the headache loops themselves, these versatile tie-downs actually invite use by design. Their proprietary “death-grip” technology helps them stay put under a load, while their ability to be flipped 45 degrees helps them subdue even the most unruly loads.