Backbone Industries Inc. products come with a limited lifetime warranty. The manufacturer warrants the product, to the original purchaser only, for the lifetime of the product, against defects in craftsmanship. If a failure of the product, as determined by Backbone Industries Inc. occurs due to negligence in product fabrication, Backbone Industries Inc. will refund or replace the product at their discretion. Failures caused by customer negligence, mis-use, abuse, and acts of God are not covered under this warranty. Finishes, such as paints, powder coatings and like finishes applied to our product are warrantied for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Warranty issues will be handled fairly on a case by case basis, and the determination of Backbone Industries Inc. as to the party responsible for replacement and or repayment is final. Claims must be submitted to Backbone Industries Inc. in writing with accompanying documentation to substantiate said claim. Backbone Industries Inc. reserves the right to refuse the sale of our products to for any reason. For more information feel free to contact us.